Natasha Kyprianides

Head of Omnichannel & Customer Experience-Hellenic Bank

Natasha is the Head of Omnichannel & Customer Experience at Hellenic Bank, accountable for digital banking business across all segments and responsible for open banking, innovation and all channels such as digital, mobile, the ATMs network, branch experience as well as the customer contact centre. She is a major change agent at Hellenic Bank, driving the customer-facing experience agenda. She is also an internationally recognised digital expert, keynote speaker and FinTech thought leader with more than 18 years of experience within the banking industry, focused on formulating effective digital strategies and leading digital transformation journeys. Some recent successes have been the delivery of a groundbreaking mobile banking app in six months, and her push of open banking to gain a first-mover advantage and position the bank as a front runner in the race to dominate this space. She has taken part in a multitude of significant international conferences as a speaker with the who’s who of FinTech and banking. Personal achievements include being profiled for the FemTech Leaders series and becoming part of the global movement, being listed on Kurtosys: Women in Finance Power 100, Innovate Finance: Women in FinTech 2016 & 2017 Powerlist, and FinTech Finance Silver Powerlist. She has also been shortlisted by the prestigious Banking Technology magazine for the ‘Outstanding Contribution by a Female in Financial Technology’ award in 2012, the ‘Woman in Technology (W.I.T.)’ award in 2016 and the ‘Tech Leadership’ award in 2017.