VI Cashless Congress


VI Cashless Congress, 20-21.03.2018.

Sheraton Hotel

Bolesław Prusa 2

00-493 Warsaw, Poland

Hall: Grand Ballroom


Cashless Congress (formerly International Congress of Non-Cash Payments) has permanently entered the calendar of payments industry events, providing a meeting place and facilitating substantive discussion for all market stakeholders.


The Congress connects science, business and public administration, through an exchange of views on topics of interest to the industry players – legal developments, new product trends, innovative technical solutions, and cashless payments methods.


Cashless Congress raises issues affecting the future of the non-cash payments market. Through panel discussions and specialists’ presentations, experts from Poland, the European Union and the world bring closer to the audience the most important issues of the industry and invite the participants to take part in robust discussions.


A very important part of the Congress is the eDucat Industry Awards ceremony for the most accomplished companies and individuals. Award categories are products, technical solutions, exceptional results and exceptional achievements.


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