Nadja van der Veer Co-Founder & Payments Lawyer - PaymentCounsel

Nadja is a payments lawyer with almost 10 years of in-house experience in the international Payments industry and a legal expert in rules and regulations involving Financial Services (such as PSD, AML and CDD),having acquired experience both as a Deputy General Counsel for a global Payment Service Provider and as a VP Legal & Regulatory for a European Acquirer. This has give her a broad perspective on all legal and business aspects of (Card and Alternative) Payment processing in the global e-Commerce industry.Nadja consults Merchant Acquirers, Payment Services Providers (PSPs/MSPs) and other FinTech companies in their start-up phases that want to expand their business internationally, while mitigating risk.

Her contribution to the industry and especially paving the way for fellow women within the industry, doesn’t go unnoticed.Her passion to share her expertise and knowledge is a quality that makes her stand out.

”During her professional career I came to acknowledge my position within the organization as a female professional after reading the book from Sandberg (Lean In). After that moment, I have carefully reviewed (and adapter) my own behaviours, have learned to recognize the contribution to my career by the behaviour of others within the organization, have received guidance and coaching from many different people and through training and embraced the advantages give to me as a woman, while utilizing these even more.I am a strong supporter of any women initiatives to offer support as I recognize that this is much needed and hope to provide other women in the industry the same opportunities as was given to me.” says Nadja.

Nadja is a highly recognised and well known expert within the Payments Industry. She is recognized for her professionalism, her quality of work and her attitude by many former colleagues and clients.In 2015, Nadja was the runner-up in the Legal Women Talent of the Year in 2015.