Millennials Programme

The mis-representation and misunderstanding notion that Millennials have no loyalty to employers, are feedback-hungry and are a high expectations generation, denies the opportunity for organisations to fully utilise the ambition, expertise and skills for this young generation.

To fully benefit, organisations must harness the talent and loyalty of this generational. This is especially absolutely critical in the next 10 to 15 years’ time as many of these Millennials ascend to leadership positions.

Even though it is estimated that Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025, leadership development of Millennials isn’t seen as a priority for organisations.

EWPN appreciates that Millennials represent an increasing share of the workforce and a number already occupy senior positions meaning that they are no longer leaders of tomorrow, but already leaders of today. They occupy board rooms and their voices, contribution, expertise and skills become extremely crucial to organisations to ensure that there is no loss of skills and experience that could leave a significant skills gaps as existing generation retire.

EWPN Millennial Programme aims to work with both Millennials and organisations to:

  • Encourage organisations to invest in coaching and mentoring of Millennial leaders.
  • Create mentoring programs that partner Millennial leaders with senior leaders
  • Support & Train young women coming into the workforce
  • Leadership development

If your organisation would like to partner with EWPN or to sign up Millennials to this program, please email us for more information: [email protected]